What Are Your Options If You Are Interested in Home Front Doors?

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Double Glazed Front Doors

The design and security of home front doors have both changed dramatically, thanks to double glazing. Today, doors can be made from a number of materials, but all will have security as a principal feature.

The combination of materials and different designs now means that a door is no longer just a part of your home but can actually be a major selling point.

Using the CAD design systems that are offered on a number of websites, your desired door can be seen as a finished product before you even request a quote.

UPVC Front Doors

UPVC doors are lighter in weight than composite doors but offer a similar level of security, often incorporating the same locking mechanisms. The designs can be the same as GRP doors, but the colour will be predominantly white. With the application of a stick-on coating, they can even assume a wood grain appearance. Such home front doors can be further enhanced with coloured glass panels. The doors are maintenance free and can be kept clean with a damp cloth.


These use a new approach to the manufacture of a door. Most are made out of a timber hardwood sub-frame that houses the composite material and that can be fire retardant. The doors are normally hung in a UPVC steel reinforced frame. The skin is of GRP, and this allows for a great variety of colours to be used. Unlike UPVC, which fades in sunlight, GRP will retain its original lustre.

It is also possible for GRP to present a traditional timber grain effect. If thorough-colour is applied to your GRP home front door, then the paint will not flake and should the door unfortunately collect blemishes, these can be removed with touch up paint.

These doors can be fitted with whatever types of panels you require. So, if stained glass, coloured glass or patterned glass is your wish, this can be fitted. Composite doors also tend to come with sophisticated locking systems, in addition to being relatively maintenance free.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors can be made from oak, mahogany, teak or any other suitable wood, and can be treated prior to manufacture. These doors will retain the traditional look that may be preferred for older houses, but can have the same level of security as the more modern manufactured doors. They can be fitted into their steel reinforced UPVC frames with the use of secure hinges. They can also be fitted with locking systems that have been approved by leading insurance companies.

Whatever door you require, from the various combinations of design and material, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your practical and aesthetic demands. This even extends to cottage doors.

If you need to have a new door for your cottage that is in keeping with the feel of the cottage, then these are available with all of the security advantages of other home front doors, all you need to know is how much do composite front doors cost?

Double Glazed Front Doors
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